September 15, 2017

Why are all the contractors so busy?

  Busy, Busy, Busy   You call, text, email and then wait, wait and wait for a response.   When the contractor does arrive and performs […]
June 25, 2017

When is the Best time to schedule your next interior paint project?

When is the Best time to schedule your next interior paint project? How also to receive the best price and terms on your next interior project. […]
November 13, 2016

Save Money on your Next Interior Painting project

You have finally decided to start the interior Painting project that has been on your mind for months. Where do you start? How much will it […]
December 8, 2015

Will there be a Dusty Mess all over my house?

Will there be a mess all over my house?  This is a question we are asked sometimes while performing the estimate from the homeowner. We have […]
November 15, 2015

The cost of Painting Kitchen cabinets

Painting cabinets is a more price friendly option to refresh the look of the kitchen.   Replacing cabinets usually encompasses removing the cabinets, extensive wall and […]
October 29, 2015

To paint before carpet installation or after?

To Paint before or after? This is a question we are asked when our customers are planning to renovate or spruce up a room or multiple […]
September 28, 2015

The Best Interior Trim Paint on the Market

The difference between Good and Great paint is about a country mile.   With enough choices on the market anyone could be obviously confused on what […]
September 23, 2015

Exterior Painting Season coming to an END……We Can HELP

As I write this blog we have 6 weeks left in the fall exterior painting season. Fortunate for us we are booked solid with commitments to […]
September 15, 2015

I HATE my old wallpaper, what do I do now?

Wallpaper of the 1980’s and 1990’s were the upgrade almost everyone was performing to their house back then, but now that wallpaper is in most cases […]