June 27, 2017

Who repairs holes from Plumbers and Electricians? Hole repair 101

You have service work done at your home by an electrician or plumber and they have to cut a hole or holes in your walls or […]
May 30, 2017

Where Did MY PAINTER GO? (missing painter)

Where did your painter Go?   Missing from the Job Front…… The missing painter You met a paint contractor at the pre arranged scheduled time. The […]
November 13, 2016

Save Money on your Next Interior Painting project

You have finally decided to start the interior Painting project that has been on your mind for months. Where do you start? How much will it […]
March 28, 2016

Painting One coat or Two?

Paint one coat of two? We have heard the advertisement on the Television regarding  paint that has one coat coverage.  It will save you time and […]
December 8, 2015

Will there be a Dusty Mess all over my house?

Will there be a mess all over my house?  This is a question we are asked sometimes while performing the estimate from the homeowner. We have […]
November 30, 2015

Water Damaged Wallpaper, What is your next step?

Water damaged wallpaper is messy, unsightly, possibly moldy and can be a lot of work to correct. We have just completed a home in which 6 […]
November 15, 2015

The cost of Painting Kitchen cabinets

Painting cabinets is a more price friendly option to refresh the look of the kitchen.   Replacing cabinets usually encompasses removing the cabinets, extensive wall and […]
November 15, 2015

What can color do to a room?

Builder’s White in all the rooms.  That is what you usually find in a new construction home or renovation. What easier way than color to change […]
November 15, 2015

Removing wallpaper from powder room, steps and pricing

Time to freshen the Powder Room. One easy room to change would be the first floor powder room which usually consist of a sink/vanity and toilet. […]