How We Started

Let’s go back to 1984! Ron Ramsden became a landlord and realtor at the tender age of 20 years old and becoming a jack of all trades to maintain his property. Painting, banging nails and all the general upkeep was now on his plate. Within two years, he owned 3 different properties and became the painter (as well as many other trades) and the entrepreneur was born!
Fast forward to the year 2000… the shingle sign was hung and announced the official opening of the painting business, Merrimack Valley Painting, back then. Ron soon charged ahead and was employing up to 11 painters at one time serving the Merrimack Valley area and southern New Hampshire. After being in business for 8 years, the real estate bug was calling him back. He sold his company to an employee.

Jump ahead 2 years, real estate was not what it used to be and the painting business was calling him back. Ramsden Painting was born, but this time with a purpose a vision: a son who was following in his Dad’s footsteps. Our vision is to have a painting company that employees want to work for and customers not only want to hire us because our outstanding work but also for the work we do for the community. Ramsden Painting volunteers for Bread and Roses soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Lazarus house, and Rebuilding Together to name a few organizations. Like you, we enjoying giving to the community we live in and helping others out when they need a hand up or a pat on the back.

Sometimes we are given the task of “making lemonade.” During all this time when working to grow the business and raise a family I was given the lemon news that I had a Chiari malformation which occurs in less than 1% of the population and needed a neurosurgeon to operate on my skull. If I didn’t have the surgery ASAP, I would eventually be mobile by a wheelchair. We do not dream of things like this happening to us, but with a great doctor and an amazing wife, I am still around and only walking with a slight limp. Making lemonade.

Move ahead a couple of years and during a routine physical exam, a routine blood test came back to let me know I now had cancer. Bring out the lemonade pitchers. Once again, with the help of our doctor and my great wife, I can say that I am cancer free! It has changed my look on life. There are a lot of things we take for granted. There are things we cannot change and that used to bother me. Now, I enjoy more of the little things and am concerned with taking care of the less fortunate, doing what I can for others. Making lemonade.

Where would we be without our community? We love our community! My wife, Patty, and I have four children, six grandchildren and more on the way!!! (picture of our spring trip to WDW). My son Mike is one of our crew leaders which brings a fresh perspective and new ideas into the business. As we move ahead with Ramsden Painting, we look forward to having customers as friends and friends as customers. We are reminded, that we are here for a short time, but our quality workmanship and our community will be here for years beyond. Let’s make lemonade together!