Emergency Painting

Do you have a Painting Emergency?

We Can Help.

What is a Painting Emergency?

An Emergency Painting project is usually something that has to be completed
ASAP or within the next few days due to some unforeseen reason. We can have a Painter (s) at your project within 24 hrs if needed.

  • Your house is being placed on the market For Sale and painting needs to be done prior to the listing and there is very little time prior to pictures orf the Open House.
  • A water leak has been discovered and ceiling or wall repair and paint is needed in a short time.
  • Unexpected guests arriving and a room needs painting attention.
  • A smaller project that needs to be performed and taken off your “To Do” list
  • A room needs finishing prior to flooring being installed with a short window of opportunity
  • A House is being financed via FHA and they will not accept current conditions of the paint
  • A “To Do” list is long overdue
  • An example of a few reasons for Emergencypainting.com

What does a Painting Emergency Painter accomplish and who are we:

An Emergency Painter is a professional painter and often a crew leader with Ramsden Painting who has years of professional experience in all areas of the painting industry. They arrive at your project with a van with experience and tools required to complete your project.

The work they can perform but not limited to which may include:

  • Finer home finishes
  • Professional house painting
  • Wall board repair
  • Ceiling, wall and trim repainting
  • Power washing/soft washing
  • Staining
  • Ceiling repairs due to plumbers, electricians, water
  • Trim touch up throughout the house.
  • Above examples but not limited to, please contact to discuss details if needed

Schedule an Emergency Painting

Schedule a Painting Emergency:

Painters are scheduled 8:00am – 4:30pm which includes ½ lunch break and two 15 minute coffee breaks.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Emergency Painting pricing:

  • All pricing is per day (8.5 hours as described above) an experienced professional painter and vehicle with needed tools for the project. 
  • Supplies included would be sandpaper, caulking, spackle, roller covers, plastic, tape, bucket liners and  tray liners.
  • Additional costs for primer, paint and any other items purchased for your project will be added to the final cost of the project.
  • Emergency Painter for the day : $ 647.00 (Monday thru Friday)
  • Additional painter for same day: $ 547.00
  • Weekend rates can be discussed with availability