Vapor Blasting

What is Vapor Blasting?

The safer and non-intrusive paint removal system we use.
We utilize a vapor blasting system which uses water which is turned into vapor and blasted at a high psi mixed with an additiive of either crushed walnut shells or fine glass (which resembles beach sand).

When we combine the water, compressed air and add a medium, we are able to remove the paint from the brick and mortar with utilizing the water in vapor form to keep dust to a minimum and under control.

Common Questions regarding Vapor Blasting:

Why Vapor blasting?
  • Unlike what many are accustomed to in the past with using a material referred to as “black beauty” sandblasting. Vapor blasting does not damage the surface from what you are blasting
  • A customer told us fifteen years after sandblasting they still have material falling from the ceiling. Vapor blasting does not penetrate surfaces
  • Much lower cost than replacing brick
  • Much quicker than other processes.
  • Controlled dust due to the water vapor
  • Removing paint from brick using a vapor blasting is more thorough and with no damage.
Is it messy?

We can control the area with plastic and drops as most of the water evaporates and leaves us beach sand type material to sweep or vacuum.

Is it costly?

Vapor Blasting is priced in either two ways, by the square foot or in some cases by the overall project. The square foot cost includes the set up, materials needed, vapor blasting, and clean up.

vapor blasting