November 18, 2017

Animals and painting projects, What to do?

If you own an animal they are typically a large part of the family.  I can attest to this as I have two quite large dogs […]
August 3, 2017

Wood ceiling restoration: Restoring a tongue a groove ceiling

I recently purchased a home which has a tongue and groove wood ceiling in a screen porch that had not been maintained over the past seven […]
June 8, 2017

Who Should Pick the paint Colors?

Who should pick the paint colors for your next painting project? This is a question I receive in some form or another from many of my […]
August 16, 2016

Rotted Trim in New England aka Wood Rot

They sure do not make them like they use to………………Wood Rot seems to be everywhere. The famous saying by “the ld timers’ her in new England […]
August 16, 2016

Does Your houses exterior look like an alligator’s back? We have an answer…

Does your home look like it should be in Gatorland or a Alligators back? Older homes sometimes have layer upon layer of paint on them. Over […]
August 1, 2016

Painting and Ladder Safety. the easy option

Painting ladders and electricity do not mix well..FREE HELP If you are painting a house or cleaning out the gutters chances are you will be on […]
August 1, 2016

Shutter (s): paint, restore or throw out.

Shutters on some homes can make or break the house. A newly painted or purchased set of shutters are often the finishing touches on a window […]
July 6, 2016

Exterior House colors that work…

How are you going to choose your Home color? You are getting ready to repaint your home and would like a color change.  Maybe it is […]
May 25, 2016

Pool Cabana Painting, What is the correct paint?

Do you have a “WET” space? Do you have an area that receives constant moisture without the chance of fully drying out? Pool cabanas and locker […]