How to Paint and the products to utilize in painting concrete walls in an Auto Repair garage

This process has to be well planned as it can be complicated and has to be timely to keep the down time in a garage at a minimum.

The following steps and products have proven to make this process as smooth as it can be.

First off the product we used is a Sherwin Williams two part Pro Industrial Pre-catalyzed Water Based Epoxy with a four to one ratio.  It is purchased in a kit form with a gallon of part A and a quart of part B.

The characteristics of the Pro Industrial Pre-catalyzed Water Based Epoxy are quite unique compared to if you have used a two part oil based epoxy in the past.

Some of the features we have liked and preferred from Pro Industrial are:

  • Chemical reistant
  • Cures very hard
  • washability
  • Easy cleanup 
  • virtually no odor

The process for painting concrete garage walls are as follows:

  1. Wash all walls with scrub brushes, sponges and rinse thoroughly to rid all oil build u and exhaust dust. This is the most timely, messy and important part of the entire process. (in the garages we have painted due to the amount of electronics now used extra protection had to be used)
  2. lightly sand any old paint that may be on the wall to break any shine of the old paint to allow the new epoxy to grab onto when applied.
  3. scrape and sand any peeling paint and apply Sherwin Williams masonry latex primer to bare and or repaired areas.
  4. Mix adequate paint for application, please note the shelf life after mixing is 8 hours (Sherwin Williams states in has a no limit shelf life but it does skim over), after this time excess paint will have to be disposed of.
  5. Apply two coats of epoxy paint with adequate dry time in between coats.
  6. Dispose of excess paint.

We have used the Pro Industrial Pre-catalyzed Water Based Epoxy numerous active auto garages, school bathrooms and locker rooms due to the low odor and the quick dry time of latex.

If you have any questions regarding painting a concrete of cinder block wall please send us a message or call me at 978-683-9119 and we would be more than pleased to answer any of your questions.


Ron (owner)

Ramsden Painting