A Dining Room restoration in Andover, MA

A beautiful picture home with a Dining Room in need of restoring back to its glory days was the task for this week.

Upon initial viewing of this room we had noticed failure of the two-year old paint on all the walls and trim according to the homeowner kept getting worse in the last few months.  As they were new owners of this fine home a little over one and a half years and prior to purchasing the home was freshly painted for the upcoming sale.  Prior to this room being painted what is believed is the room was natural wood stained walls with a heavy coat of varnish or polyurethane applied to all surfaces. 

The failure of he walls:

Over the time the new owners owned the home the paint on the walls and the trim started to crack and seem to become worse with time.

The determination of the cause of failure:

  • I had inspected the home initially and determined the paint on the walls was applied directly over the polyurethaned walls with little or no sanding and no bonding primer applied.
  • Upon determining the failure I brought in a second set of eyes and expert opinion which was a representative from Sherwin Williams paint to hear what his expertise would determine.
  • The original determination of poor preparation to the walls and trim was the culprit.

The remedy to the paint failure and restoration of the Dining room:

The following is a step by step process to correct the failure without stripping or removing all the coatings in the room:

  • Removed all furniture from the room and protected all the flooring and installed plastic zip walls to control any errant dust.
  • We then sanded every surface with a dustless sanders utilizing Festool sanders and extractors which are known as the best in the industry for dust control.
  • We then primed all the surfaces with a Stix latex primer
  • Resanded all walls 
  • Filled all wall damage with wood filler and sanded smooth
  • Applied additional primer over all repairs to seal surfaces.

Final Dining Room Paint application:

All surfaces received two coats of Benjamin Moore latex paints with a Benjamin Moore Advanced latex paint  applied to trim and a Benjamin Moore Regal Select Matte finish on all walls to achieve a striking contrast and warm rich feeling.


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Ron Ramsden, owner

Ramsden Painting