You have service work done at your home by an electrician or plumber and they have to cut a hole or holes in your walls or ceiling…NOW WHAT?

Who is responsible for the repair?

We find quite often and honestly every time the plumber or electrician will never fix the hole they created.  They seem to refer the homeowner to call someone else and they are not responsible as they needed access to wires or plumbing to perform a repair.

Now you have a repaired wire or pipe and a hole repair is needed, who needs to be called–WHO?

Who do you call?  A Painter that is who.

Painters are generally quite experienced in repairs involving sheet rock and joint compound.  All though the materials for a repair is not usually very costly the time it takes for the repair and steps involved tke time and time is money.

This is the material needed for a hole repair:

  1. sheet rock to repair hole, make sure you have the thickness correct when purchasing new sheet rock as there are different thicknesses.
  2. sheet rock screws
  3. fiber tape wallboard compound
  4. small piece of strapping or wood to brace the new hole if needed
  5. sanding block or electric sander
  6. primer
  7. finish paint

Steps to perform the hole repair:

  1. cut hole to a uniform shape to allow for replacement piece to be cut.
  2. cut a piece of wood for brace behind hole if necessary.
  3. cut new sheet rock to fit in area to be fixed.
  4. screw new sheet rock to wall
  5. tape seems as needed with mesh tape and smooth all pieces and no loose ends
  6. apply thin layer of wall board compound
  7. sand when dry and recoat with compound
  8. final sand smooth, third coat of compound may be needed then sand when dry
  9. prime area repaired
  10. finish with paint to match

As you can see it is a time consuming endeavor to repair the holes made by a contractor.  

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