Where did your painter Go?   Missing from the Job Front…… The missing painter

You met a paint contractor at the pre arranged scheduled time.

The conversation and walk around the property went well.

The Estimate/Proposal was accepted.

A start date was set



Where did your painter go?

Unfortunately in the trades we hear of this happening all the time.  Quite often a manual labor trade position is a job that is the last resort and or easy trade to get into to generate much needed quick income.

There are a couple reasons this happens:

  1. Low cost entry and in the painting industry a ladder, a paint brush and a vehicle is in some cases the start of a business.
  2. Very few people check references or insurances.
  3. A Facebook page and a business card printed from a home computer provides a painter with instant credibility.

A Few things that can not be easily verified:

  1. Can they actually paint
  2. Past experience, if they have worked for themselves, unverifiable history
  3. business ownership capability.  The best painters may be the worst business person

A Guide to finding a reliable painter:

  • Work history and staying power: Check out how long they have been posting on their Facebook business page. Scroll back for past years and look for dates ad completed projects.
  • Online reviews: Google reviews these days are as important as anything a business can provide, good and bad.  Reviews are dated and can not be deleted by the business owner.  Not everyone is perfect so if they have only 5 star reviews and they are from anonymous names this may need to be questioned.  A good painter will be able to explain all online reviews with a story behind all their projects mentioned.
  • Written or video testimonies.  All though a written note of thanks or  a commendation for a job Well done, a video review is a powerful tool to be provided.
  • Ask for past references for jobs completed similar to yours. Request older and newer references to compare their staying power in the marketplace. 
  • Warranties, insurance and written proposals
    • A written warranty should be provided with all proposals. We may seem like nice guys but let’s get it in writing to keep everyone above the line.
    • Insurances:  To verify an insurance you may call the insurance carrier directly and have them email you an insurance binder with your name on it to your specific project.  This allows from someone purchasing insurance and then stopping it for some reason and you not being notified it has been canceled or terminated.
    • If it is not in writing there is no proof of an agreement.  All states are different but no matter how big or small a project have it put in writing.  There will be less discussion if any, if something is included or not included in a project.

All though there is no guarantee that a trades person in going to “show up” when scheduled a contractor that keeps an open line of communication as well as having a past history or work in your community would be the safer choice than “Chuck with  Truck” who’s business did not exist 2 weeks ago.   “Chuck with a Truck” may be cheaper to start but what are you in for in the long run?

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