When you should plan your exterior House painting

As the weather warms and we ventured outside after a new England winter we slowly gaze around the yard and look at the house to see the damage the weather has wreaked on our property and at this time we often notice the work that needs to be done on the house.

Soon after our eyes look over to the convertible in the garage or the golf clubs and our idea of painting or yard work quickly vanishes. 

 Now let’s move ahead about four months and it is now September/October time frame and you realize the house never got painted.

Is it too late now?          No it is not, but the only problem that may is finding a qualified painting company to fit you into their schedule.

Most legitimate painting contractors will hold the price for six months so that you can do any repairs, plan or budget for the exterior paint project.

Quite often price is determined by a few factors but one that may increase the price is supply and demand as winter comes closer to us and the schedule is very tight overtime is sometimes required as well as weekend work to finish a job which will drive the price higher.


A couple of tips to plan ahead and get the house ready for exterior painting project:

1. Determine the scope of the project ahead of time to get a definite accurate price of what is being done or to be completed

2. Determined colors ahead of time and things such as front doors shutters,  sheds, fences and anything else that may need to be added or priced separately while the contractor is there.

3. Check on Contractor’s insurances and request a certificate of insurance. This should be sent directly from the insurance agency that the contractor uses.

4. Prior to work starting have the vegetation, shrubs and trees cut back from the house.

5. Determine a work area for the contractor to leave his ladders and equipment and also if bathroom facilities aren’t available at the home where would a Porta John be placed.

6. Quite often the best prices Will be given if the project is flexible and timeframe and or if it is booked early in the spring.

P.s. Decks can be stained early in the seasonas long as the moisture content in the deck is under the specifications and the temperature range does not fall under 50° at night

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