Price is often one of the  main factors in any project we are asked to perform.  

The following is the cost / price to paint an accent wall, the process to paint an accent wall and other factors that could increase or decrease the cost of painting the accent wall.

The accent wall painting includes:

The Process:

  • Protect surrounding area and floor with drop cloths and or plastic.
  • cover furniture.
  • light sand wall to be painted.
  • repair minor discrepancies on wall as needed.
  • remove wall plates and switch plates and reinstall when process is complete.
  • Apply one coat of quality latex wall paint
  • wait adequate dry time
  • apply second coat of quality latex wall paint.
  • clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of the accent wall painting process:

possible additional cost added:

  • extremely dirty or nicotine stained wall surface
  • damaged wall or imperfections needing repair.
  • wallpaper removal or remnants of old wallpaper application.
  • textured surface to be painted.
  • Height of wall above 8 feet
  • furniture moving.
  • Deep or bold colors needing more than two finish coat applications

possible decrease in cost to paint an accent wall.:

  • one coat application only needed.

The cost of painting an accent wall: 

 $ 140.00        12 foot long x up to 8 foot high :          

 $ 160.00       14 foot long x up to 8 foot high :          

$  210.00       20 foot long x up to 8 foot high:          


* The above all do not include the finish paint.

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