What is more important Price or Quality on your next painting project?

Quite often as a contractor I am confronted during a conversation when meeting a customer they state the are “looking for the best deal” but the real question is are you comparing apples to apples?

On a few occasions we have encountered during an estimate appointment multiple contractors viewing the property at one time to present or prepare a proposal to present at another time.

Who Wins?

Nobody Wins

Often the best price wins the job. meaning the lowest price is the determining factor of who gets awarded the project.

Placed aside is the discussion of quality, craftsmanship an experience.

Quality is described in different ways by almost everyone.  In the painting world we consider straight lines, flawless finishes as well as many other items to be more important than saving a few dollars.

Craftsmanship is a deep love for the origins and processes of the profession of the painting trade.  Few artisans of the painting world are still around and practicing.  With new methods, pre mixed paints and new fangled tools the craftsman have become fewer and fewer.

Experience in the painting industry is often overlooked as the “new” painter is often the lowest price as they are just trying to get by and possibly do not know or realize the cost of maintaining the business for the long haul.  The lower priced “new”painter possibly and as history tells us most new businesses do not last more than three (3) years.  If this is the case who are you going to call next year if there is an issue with today’s low priced project?

As they say “Quality, Quantity or Price” pick two because you can not have all three.

We ask our customers one simple question “What does an Exceptional painting experience look to you?” This allows he customer to step back and think of the important factors in their next project.

Some of the answers we have received for our question of”What does an Exceptional painting experience look to you?” are:

  • Dust Free work
  • Don’t let my pet out
  • Flawless finishes
  • furniture moved back to the original places
  • no smell of paint.
  • perfection and craftsmen working

As you can see by the list an exceptional experience for a customer has very little to do with the price of the project when they are comparing apples to apples.

On your next project what are you looking for and “What does an Exceptional painting experience look to you?

If you are looking for an exceptional crafted paint project please schedule a time that works for you for one of our estimators to view and discuss your project on our website http://WWW.ramsdenpainting.com

Thank you

Ron Ramsden

Ramsden 1-800-Painting