Did you try to save your old deck?

Over the past few years some companies have sold a “FIX” to repair you aged deck. They promised to save a deck.

Did you try to save your old deck?

The product sold was a very thick product rolled onto distressed decking.  Most decks had cracks splintered and should have been replaced in a perfect world.

Professional painters measure applied paint in the term of mils of thickness.

This product is applied very very aggressively in terms of thickness.  A brush and roller is needed to apply the product and it being very thick in consistency it is often difficult in applying in a consistent thickness.


The picture above will show the condition of the decking after one year after application.  We have found this to crack and peel off in large layers.

The problem we had when we tried to recoat with another product is the removal of the failed product currently in the decking.

We tried to prepare the decking to be recoating by:

  • sanding with disc sanders with no luck.
  • We then tried scraping similar to removing wallpaper.
  • We then tried removing the decking and turning the decking over. (UGLY)


Our Solution…..Replace the decking.

To sum up the product mentioned.
We do not recommend it