You are ready to hire a Painter, now what?

This blog stemmed from a recent conversation with my wife regarding the number of estimate requests and customers who would like their project to be scheduled ASAP.

All though we try to please and accommodate all our customers there is not enough time in the day or experienced man power to get to all these jobs. 

So my wife told me to write a blog about it, so here it is:

The online booking comes in:    When would you like this project completed: ASAP

Which then leads to a phone call or email from me asking a little more about the painting project and actual time frame and most times the answer is still ASAP.

All though many trades people would like to please all our customers the timing of the job coinciding with our schedule and your schedule often does not work out which results in us not being able to perform or even place a bid on the project.

The projects that I have experienced with the shortest lead time are:

  • New home moves.  When a buyer is purchasing a house and they want it painted prior to moving in which usually is a very short lead time.
    • I have found if when you have an accepted offer on a home you can request that your realtor schedule a time when trades people can met at the property to perform any measurements to have as much lead time as possible.
  • Putting the house on the market;  The realtor comes in and tells you things that should be performed to bring the most money for the property or shorten the time on the market.
    • possibly planning ahead for any of these projects are best but often if it is a day or two project and the customer is flexible this can be fit in.  
  • Visitors coming:  Hurry up the relatives are coming over.
    • A good relative will be here for you and not care about the paint job but if the painting needs to be done that bad lets start planning ahead before they get here for the Holidays.

One thing to keep in mind is that with all things, supply and demand have a factor when planning your project.  Most painters slow times are in the winter months and this would be you would receive our best rate and especially if you could plan ahead for this.

Often when we have to add painters to squeeze in an ASAP project we have to pay overtime for the crew’s labor which then adds to the price of the project.  If a time frame is flexible or can be planned with enough lead time then the best experience can be had by all.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate please contact us at