Price is often one of the  main factors in any project we are asked to perform.  

The following is the cost / price to paint a door, the process to paint a door and other factors that could increase or decrease the cost of painting the door.

The door painting includes one side of the door and the edge of the door that is visible to the room you are standing in when the door is open

The Process:(this is for a door that is already in place, mounted on hinges)

  • Protect area under door.
  • remove lockset.
  • wash down door
  • light sand door and vacuum off
  • apply one coat of quality latex paint to door.
  • light sand door a second time
  • apply second coat of quality latex paint.
  • remount lockset
  • clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of the door painting process:

possible additional cost added:

  • extremely dirty surface
  • deep imperfections or scratches
  • multiple locksets needing to be removed
  • un-primed doors.
  • the use of oil paint instead of latex.
  • the need to remove the door

possible decrease in cost to paint a door:

  • multiple doors, quantity sometimes factors into less time due to repetitive processes can reduce time needed
  • new doors in empty environment when spray application is possible (new construction)
  • one coat application only needed.

The cost of painting a door:

 $   85.00         Six panel door previously painted:          

 $ 160.00        15 light single french door:          

$    65.00         Flat slab door          

$  120.00         double louver attached door (often found in laundry closets)

$    95.00         Exit door with window 6 panel on top

* The above all do not include the finish paint.

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