Who should pick the paint colors for your next painting project?

This is a question I receive in some form or another from many of my customers.

Imagine his scenario, A stranger walks into your house for ten minutes and glances around the house then takes out a slip of colors and tells you what will work for you and then as fast as they came in the depart.

To me it sounds like Superman visited or was it Batman?

Not everyone is well versed in color. All though your painter  may be good at recommending colors and provide their own color consult a lot more can go into picking the correct color for your next project.

Take these factors into play during your next color selection:

  1. depth of color
  2. Saturation of color
  3. complimentary colors
  4. mood of room
  5. light sources in room
  6. trends
  7. hues 
  8. and many more factors

Many of the color experts in the industry are not-self taught as many are educated in schooling for interior decorating and design as many color certifications courses.

One of my observations when meeting with a customer is after they agree to a painting proposal they will then pick the colors to be used within five minutes with out much thought.

We have come to realize all though we have seen many trends with colors that work over the years and if you can see by the picture above, my wife asked me to put the pillows on the couch, that most of us do not have the expertise to make a House a home.

Ramsden Painting has teamed up with Sherwin Williams to offer their design service to our customers for 90 minutes for no charge if three or more rooms are being painted. (there is a small charge for less of a project) https://www.sherwin-williams.com/home-builders/color/color-services

What do you get with this service?

  1. An expert in the field visiting your home to listen and view the space to be painted to make sure you ideas can be expressed in the design of color.
  2. Colors and sheens of paint will be discussed
  3. They will bring a large sample of colors to view in the spaces light.
  4. They will leave you with a plan for the colors discussed.
  5. If you have a small project and 90 minutes seems like a long visit we suggest having them assist with rooms that might be being painted in the near future, they have alloted 90 minutes for the visit, please use the time.

If we can answer any questions or would like a color consult to choose paint colors or Free proposal for your upcoming project please visit http://www.ramsdenpainting.com