Painting and Repairing a Peeling tin ceiling is easier than you think.

We were called in to repair a beautiful old tin ceiling which was approximately 100 years old from the dating of this house.

The popularity of tin ceilings developed in the late 1800s as tin was able to be made in thin rolled sheets embossed with creative designs and secured to ceilings tacked and or welded in place.

The ceiling pictured was in beautiful shape except for the peeling paint as the paint had become very brittle and peeled for no other reason but old age.

To repair the ceiling we followed these steps:

  1. Plastic off the entire floor and removed all furnishings.
  2. We wore protective eye wear and face respirator and start scraping using a 3 inch clean putty knife. 
  3. Scrape, scrape, scrape
  4. after scraping was complete we used a wire brush to bevel down any obvious paint ridges.
  5. big clean up and pick up plastic and place drop cloths as needed.
  6. spot prime with a Sherwin Williams latex metal primer, white in color
  7. Apply a two coats of a Benjamin Moore Waterborne latex ceiling paint

A couple notes is this is a great 4 to 6 hour project and please wear eye protection as the paint chips are very brittle nd seem to fly everywhere when scraping.  Also the clean up is needed after scraping and before painting as this will track all over as it is like walking on corn flakes as they are so brittle.

Good luck with your next project and if you have questions on this or any other painting project please send ,e a message at


Ron Ramsden, owner

Ramsden Painting.