Have you ever wanted to be able to write on the walls or ceiling using Whiteboard paint?

Customizing office walls either be it in a commercial atmosphere or you home work area has just become easier and less expensive.

All though white board paint has been around for a couple of years Benjamin Moore paints has recently came out with their own line of white and clear whiteboard paint.

With the clear board paint which is able to be written on with any dry erase markers is able to be coated over any pre-existing sound walls or ceiling paint no matter what color they are currently.  With the whiteboard paint a primer is sometimes needed depending on the deepness of the color currently on the walls.


A few reasons to use the new whiteboard and clear board paint:

  • Do you love your office space but need somewhere to express your ideas?
  • You do not want to take up an entire wall with am expensive whiteboard.
  • You are looking for small areas to write on in many different locations as these writable walls can be applied anywhere you imagination allows.
  • Paint the entire room in a think tank style room or just paint the back of a door.
  • Easy clean up / wipe off with no residue
  • One Day application

The application method:

  1. locate area for product to be applied, if needed repairs would need to be performed prior to application.
  2. Only if applying white over dark walls would a primer coat be needed, this would have to dry to cure for 24 hours.
  3. Tape off a frame for the white board area in any shape or size. We prefer Scotch Blue Painters Tape for Delicate surfaces made by 3M which will not pull off current wall paint upon removal after completion 
  4. Mix the two-part product on site and apply with tight roller sleeve and brush.
  5. After first application wait approx 5-10 minutes and apply the second coat as directed by instructions.
  6. Please note to watch for possible runs or drips as this product is loose/runny but covers well. I did notice after 10 minutes of application I did have to correct a couple runs. At this time use what ever application method you used at this point and correct the area.
  7. After allowing new paint to cure for 24 hours carefully remove the Scotch Blue Painters Tape for Delicate surfaces pulling slowly away from the board.
  8. Let wall cure for 7 days and you now have a customized writing surface

We were able to apply the new Benjamin Moore whiteboard paint in three areas in a new office without disturbing the occupants in 3 hours time.  

Quick and easy as the customer described it.

If you have ny questions regarding this application or any other painting questions please feel free to contact us at 978-683-9119 or visit our website at http://www.ramsdenpainting.com