We recently had the opportunity to paint a metal structure having a new chance at life.

The question the owner had was to replace or paint the metal siding and roof, which course of action was the correct one and most cost effective?

Representatives from the Metal building company (Morton) accessed the building and determined it to be in great shape and replacement of the metal or as hey call it skin of the building should be painted at a cost savings.

Th color of the building was being transformed from an off white and green combination to a Red and Charcoal gray color scheme.

The products that were recommended by the manufacturer and used were Sherwin Williams Pro-Cry latex primer on the entire building and then a top coat of Sherwin Williams Sher-Cryl latex top coat for the finish.

The process we used was as follows:

  • Was entire building with Sherwin Williams house wash with a power washer. We allowed the building to dry a few days as we found the building all though appeared dry allowed water to hang around around the bolts on the building.
  • We applied the Sherwin Williams Pro-Cryl primer via airless pray application to achieve the smoothest finish possible.  We did hand brush window trim and some areas as needed.
  • We then applied after adequate dry time the Sherwin Williams Sher-Cryl to coat with two applications to achieve the correct mill thickness needed for adequate coverage.

As far as the Tips for applying these products:  I found both products to be very easy to use with no problems at all with minimal clogging of the spray tip.  We also strain all our paint prior to spraying to assist with the flow of paint thru the airless spray machines.

As you view the pictures you will notice the front of the barn is rough sawn pine wood which we did apply a solid stain applied in two coats utilizing Sherwin Williams Woodscapes latex stain.


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