Painting around Vegetation

You are about to start painting your home or have a painter perform the work for you, should you paint around the vegetation or trim it back?

Do you have to trim your shrubs and trees prior to the work being performed?

Vegetation which we find is mostly shrubbery around the house is quite often forgotten in regards to how close to the house it rests.

I often tell customers that we need about 18 inches between the house and the shrubs to maneuver behind the vegetation without damaging it.

In some cases the vegetation has to be trimmed back even further to allow us to place ladders and or staging next to the house.

Also you may see accelerated wood peel, wood rot or even green moss and mold on the areas behind the vegetation and this is due to the air not being able to flow thru this area and dry out as needed the wood behind the shrubs or trees.

A couple reasons to trim back the overgrown vegetation:

  • It will not damage or less likely to damage and scratch your home as the wind moves the branches against the home.
  • No premature wood rot due to excessive moisture, air flow will keep the area drier
  • Over grown shrubbery can assist a burglar with an easy place to hide while trying to gain access to the home.
  • Paint lasts longer in a drier area. Trim them back and let the area behind the bushes breath.

Often a customer will ask us or tell us to trim or cut anything in the way of painting but the problem is I do not know a painter who is an arborist and can confidently trim a tree or bush and know that they are performing the task as it should be.


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