It is mid April in New England and it is still light out at 5 pm in the evening.  After another long cold snowy winter we venture outside on to our decks and look down to see chipping, scratches and failed and worn out stain.

Most of us New Englanders are now in shorts as it has hit 40 degrees and are thinking of the summer.

Do we put our snowblowers away yet and take out the lawn mower or should we just put that thought away and stain the deck?


HOLD ON,  As a fellow New Englander and one that people from other parts of the country are amused at my verbage of the american word I would say “It’s still to Wicked cold at night to stain the deck, I would just wash the Caahh with all your pent up energy.”


Actually on a serious not regarding your deck maintenance, it is still cool at night and the temperature swings will do more harm with the curing of any material you put on the deck as well as void any warranty for the materials you have used.

Most manufactures product state that the temperature should fall in a range.  this is taken from a Sherwin William’s material specification for a deck stain:

“For best results apply in shade with surface temperatures between 50°F and 90°F. Do not apply if temperatures will fall below 40°F or if rain is expected within 24 hours after application.”

To be prepared for the day and time you can stain the deck a few things that can be performed prior to the weather cooperating for your project is:

  • Replace any damaged boards.
  • Softwash the deck with the appropriate cleaning products and this will give the surface time to dry.
  • Sand and scrape as needed.
  • Sample an area if changing the color.  this will allow you to be ready when the time comes to stain.
  • Measure the deck for product amounts needed.  We have found that most deck stains will cover from 200-300sf depending on the smoothness and condition of the surface to be stained. (please note that custom colors are not returnable in most cases, so measure carefully)

Tips when staining:

  • Place drop cloths under the deck if a patio is located under to catch any splatter or drips.
  • when staining boards on the deck work from one end of the board to the other coating the full board, this will eliminate lap marks and inconsistent staining.
  • When staining railings place a drop cloth or piece or cardboard under the railing where you are working to catch drips.  Drips on the deck will possibly show thru on the end result.
  • If applying with a roller, be careful of splatter near the house originating from the roller sleeve.  roll slowly and if stain is on the house clean it immediately.
  • Try to stain the deck while it is in the shade or on a cloudy day so that you will have time to stain keeping a wet edge were you are working.
  • Do not work out of the gallon can of stain.  if you have an accident you will have a gallon of stain to clean up.

When you are all done and while the stain is drying, you can go play in the Pahhk.