A Kitchen Cabinet color change in Andover, MA

A Kitchen Cabinet color change in Andover, MA was requested by a homeowner who wanted to make a statement with their kitchen project. 

The kitchen was a compact size compared t kitchens of today standards so turn around was a major factor with minimal down time as well as unnecessary fume and smells.

We were able to convert this stained smooth grain cabinets in three days with only one day of down time for kitchen use.

Our Turnaround Process:

  • All doors and drawers were removed and prepped and painted off site.
  • customer cleaned off counters (all cabinets were left with goods in place as interiors did not need painting)
  • protected counter tops and floors
  • dustless sanding as needed.
  • applied clear latex primer
  • applied two coats of finish paint
  • applied two protective clear coats 
  • reinstalled all items removed

note: all product was latex and virtually no odor.

If you have a Kitchen Cabinet color change or Bathroom vanity that needs some updating we would like to discuss your project with you.

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I look forward in assisting you on your net painting project.


Ron Ramsden, owner

Ramsden Painting