The call came in and I heard after our introductions ” I need something painted ASAP”.

The realtor stopped by to see how progress was coming on readying the house for the upcoming Open House this coming Sunday and the realtor mentioned to receive the best and highest offer I should spruce things up.

It was a very competitive Real Estate market and most homes were receiving multiple offers and why shouldn’t I, mentioned the future customer.

The scenario was that it was Wednesday afternoon and our schedule has been booked out straight for quite sometime along with customers on our rain day schedule as well.  

What were we to do?

Plumbing companies and electrical companies have emergency services and so I thought why not the painting trades? Many people will pay a premium wage to have their issue dealt with on an immediate time frame.

In fact I recently called a tree service company for a tree that had fallen in the back yard and the cost for its removal the next day was almost 50% more than if I could schedule it for a later date. (I think the tree adds character to the back yard laying there so still)

So after much thought i have decided to add a new service to Ramsden 1-800-Painting


As of November 1, 2017 we are going to offer emergency next day painting.  

This is how it works:

  • If the service is schedule by noon we will guarantee a painter will be at your home the next day at 8 am with a fully stocked truck for 8 hours of painting service.
  • The painter will be there for 8.5 hours which will include his/her lunch break.
  • The truck will be stocked with all the necessities for a painting project
  • We will have regular used stock on the truck such as ceiling paint, primers, caulking, tape and plastic, ect and use of this will be invoiced at the end of the day of work
  • If any additional supplies would be needed the painter will visit the paint store during the eight hours of work on that day and be counted as part of the work day.

What should be expected to be completed from the painter during that day:

  • A list is always a great way to start as many people have multiple smaller things that they either need repaired or touched up.
  • A ceiling or two can be painted and of course it depends on sizes of the rooms, heights and furniture in the rooms
  • Sheetrock repairs
  • water damage repairs
  • Prepping for home sale lists
  • Exterior door painting
  • Please feel free to ask ahead of time if there is any questions on a specific list or project

Day Projects we have completed in the past:

  1. Hardwood floors installed or resanded by another company and we refinished all the baseboards.
  2. New counters installed and repairs needed and under counters repainted
  3. bathroom ceiling stain repaired and refinished as well as side of tub repair and repainted.
  4. Garage doors and front door repainted.
  5. New interior doors replaced by anther company and we primed and painted.
  6. changed handrail from stain to black gloss.
  7. Prep for upcoming Home for sale
  8. Repaired sheet rock from water damage
  9. as well as many other requests

Getting the most out of the Painter for the Day:

  • Have a plan and a list of extras just in case there is time or down time when paint is drying in between coats.
  • Have any touch up paint ready if possible and check if it is still good to work with and if not pick some up the paint store ahead of time so that it does not cut into the painters production time
  • Move any furniture or delicates ahead of time in working area.
  • Contact us with any questions ahead of time

Scheduling the Painter for the Day:

  • We will have the web page available shortly. online scheduling only


  • There will be two options, one or two consecutive days for the painter depending on the project or request. 
  • We will be utilizing Paypal and payment will be processed at time of scheduling painter for the next day all online (easy and convenient) 
  • Emergency Painter for the Next Day will be $ 797.00 per day plus any supplies needed for your project.

Do you have a painting emergency? If so we are here for you.

Details and booking page coming soon