Hiring signs seem to be everywhere these days and We are Hiring also. We are always Hiring

We are quite often asked if we are hiring and the answer is always, YES WE ARE.

Recently you may have been seeing more and more “Help Wanted” signs for trades.

During the last decade less and less importance have been made for careers in the trades.  The push has been to attend college and receive a four year degree and unfortunately most times it comes with debt which after graduation is due on a monthly basis even if employment is not on the horizon.

With less and less craftsmen in the field the demand has escalated to a demand that can not be fulfilled.

Ramsden Painting has found many new trades people in many areas that are somewhat unconventional to most in the trades.

We have found our Team members (others call them employees):

  1. Asking friends and followers on Facebook
  2. Rewarding people for referring a new employee with gift cards or cash.
  3. Utilize online job employment sites such as:
    1. Indeed
    2. Facebook job adds
  4. Ask store associates and paint sales representatives. 
  5. Family. Ask who they know who is looking and reward them also for a successful new hire.
  6. Shriver Job Core. This is a regional training school for the trades.
  7. Our local vocational school
  8. Newsletter mentioned open positions

YES, we look everywhere.  We just do not hire everyone.

One thing that makes us different from the rest is that we value our employees opinion. When a new hire is brought on board they spend a lot of time with not only the crew/Team leader but usually the second painter in charge so their opinions and observations are very important to the hiring process.

If you know of someone looking for a career in the painting trades be it a brand new apprentice painter or a person who has some or a lifetime of experience we would love to talk to them.

The first meeting with any new meeting starts with a phone call and then a meeting over coffee.

Lets grab a coffee.  Please give me a call at 978-501-0266 to refer a painter or schedule an interview.

Thank you,

Ron Ramsden 

Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING