How much will it cost to paint my Foyer including materials and labor?

The dreaded price question broken down between procedure, labor and materials generally used during this painting operation.

In this example we are going to use an entry foyer measuring 16 feet x 18 feet with a ceiling height also of 16 feet.

the particulars of this space is that it includes:

  • five entries on the first floor.
    • one opening to kitchen
    • opening to each room on either side with no doors
    • one entry to basement with a solid six panel door
  • three entries on the second floor with six panel doors. 
  • The entries on the first floor will all be walk thru openings except for the front door.
  • The front door will have a side light on each side with window muntins between the window so no need for painting.
  • Baseboard trim thru out both floors
  • a banister which the balusters will need to be panted
  • stair case risers and skirt board to be painted
  • one side of each door will be painted on the second floor
  • All walls in good shape with minor nail fills as pictures were located and no longer.
  • Ceiling in good shape (no stains)
  • trim and doors in good shape

The Prep to be performed:

  • Protect all surfaces not being painted with drop cloths and or plastic
  • light sand all trim and walls with dustless sanding (please see how we do this with this link:
  • caulk all trim as needed with paintable late caulking
  • fill nail holes and light blemishes with spackle.
  • remove door knobs as needed and reinstall at completion.

The Finish work to be completed: 

  • Apply two coats of high quality ceiling paint to entire ceiling
  • Apply two coats of high quality wall paint to all walls (color change assumed)
  • Apply one coat of high quality trim paint to all trim and stair parts listed above (color assumed to remain the same)
  • All doors will be painted on the side facing the room as ell as the leading edge of the door facing the room when opened.
  • Basement door will be painted on all sides.
  • Reinstall all locksets/hand sets
  • Clean up and vacuum as needed.

Materials needed for this project:

  • One gallon of Ceiling paint
  • One gallon of Trim paint
  • Four gallons of Wall paint.
  • sundries
    • spackle
    • plastic
    • roller naps
    • sand paper
    • caulking

Material cost for Premium paint such as Benjamin Moore Regal Select or Sherwin Williams Duration and all other material mentioned would be approximately $ 375.00

The cost of labor and what it includes:

  • experienced painters with all adequate insurance (workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance)

Labor cost:$ 2,650.00

please note that if there were considerable more prep needed for the walls such as cracking, settling and or stains this could add onto the totals of materials and labor.

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