If you own an animal they are typically a large part of the family.  I can attest to this as I have two quite large dogs which are part of our family since rescuing them over seven years ago but the big question is what to do with animals and painting projects?

But the bigger question is what to do when your house is being renovated in our case when we are painting the interior or exterior of the home?  I feel I am qualified to answer this as a home owner and a contractor.

First a quick story told to me by an older retired painting contractor many moons ago.  The painter was working in a home when the small dog kept bothering the painters and getting in the way.  they politely asked the homeowner to contain the dog and she tried but jokingly said “she does what she wants” and the dog was quickly back into the painters way and under their feet.  This is when the lead painter had a brilliant idea and picked up the dog and placed its small feet into the painting tray an then let the dog run thru the rest of the house.  For the rest of the project the dog was contained and the homeowner spent quite some time cleaning floors.

I love animals and especially dogs and dogs seem to sense that we like them so they like us and like to hang around us when preparing and painting homes.  This is not always a good idea (reread story above).

Dogs can be quite mischievous and get into things they probably should not get into such as trying to taste the paint (we have had this happen).

The other issues we have had with animals are:

  • Dog hair stuck to walls as well as paint on dogs and cats from them rubbing against the walls or door trim.
  • Cat paw prints painted across the floor or bed due to a cat walking in paint trays.
  • Cats and dogs marking their territory on painter drop clothes.
  • Animals sneaking out the door as we are carrying in and out equipment and materials.
  • Driving home only to find a cat in the back of the van that is not ours.
  • Exterior work being performed to find piles of dog deposits like a minefield around the yard.
  • Strong odors from our paints could effect the animals especially pet birds

We love animals but as you can see animals and renovations are not always friends.

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Ron Ramsden, owner

Ramsden Painting