OH NO..a Painting Emergency 

Do Painting Emergencies really exist?

If you ask a painter who has been in the business of painting for some time you will find they have received numerous calls over the years were customers have called in a panic. This is what we call a Painting Emergency.

The world is usually not going to end if the painting does not get completed in a very timely manner but to the caller we find it is usually their top priority at that time.

The following are a few Painting Emergencies we have encountered and what we have put into play to deal with these predicaments. 

  1. The house is going to be placed on the market for sale and the Realtor tells the home owner a room, maybe two rooms or the exterior deck or trim needs to be painted tomorrow or at the latest this week.
  2. The Bridal party is stopping at the house for pictures and the front room with the fireplace an it still has the same wallpaper it had when the parents got married and they need it remove by Saturday and its Wednesday night.
  3. Relatives you have not seen in years are coming over for a cookout and your deck has not had any attention in years and it needs HELP ASAP.
  4. You are hosting the boss for a dinner party and the stain on the ceiling from the kids over flowing the bath or not using the shower curtain like it was meant to be needs to disappear NOW.

Out of all the request for Emergency Painting most are for houses being placed on the market for sale and need a painting project done quickly.


We didn’t purchase an ambulance with ladders, all though that would look pretty cool.

We have come up with a new service starting September first called painterfortomorrow.  We will at your request have a painter at your home the next day of your request with a stocked truck and necessary tools for 8 hours of work. No pre-visit for an estimate will be made to save time and with this the painter can get straight to work assisting with your Painting Emergency.

The painter will be on site for 8.5 hours which include an half hour lunch break and will also have ceiling paint, primer and all other necessary supplies to provide a high quality job.  All stock used on the project will be added to the end invoice if needed during that day.  

Any specific paint needed that day and not on site for the project will either be picked up by the homeowner or can be picked up that day and that time will be counted as the time the painter is on your project.

Do you have a Painting Emergency?  If so we can help


Ron Ramsden


Ramsden Painting