In 5 Hours my deck went from UGLY to BEAUTIFUL.

Te back story: We have a couple of decks on our home, one we use daily and a deck that was on the

house when we purchased it that has gone unused due to its location and size.

This deck is off a room not used and it measures 5 feet wide by 24 feet long with a set of stairs and when

finished deck in Andover, MA in 5 hours

washed deck next step sanding

I say “not used” I can honestly say I have never seen anyone use it except for hide and seek with the kids in twenty years, Until Last Week.

Last week my grandson told me he found a bird on the back porch and he was not moving.  I explained it was sleeping and he then told me it was there since Easter when we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt. (It was not sleeping)

After further inspection I noticed how bad the deck and stairs needed a refinishing which meant washing, sanding and then staining and also removal of the sleeping bird.

These are the steps and materials I used for my decks 5 hour deck revival:

  1. Wash the deck with a garden hose, scrub brush and Home Armor Deck wash.  This will take a little scrubbing but you will not need a power washer to clean the decking. I performed the deck wash two days prior to allow for enough dry time for my Saturday project.
  2. Sand as needed which for me was mostly the top hand rail, all the decking and the stairs.  I utilized an electric sander, 150 grit sand paper and then swept and vacuumed off all areas to be stained
  3. Staining, due to the size of this deck I used a 4 inch whiz roller and a stain brush.  I stained all the balusters first, then the top hand rails, we stain this second as sometimes you have to lean over the rail to paint on the other side and the stain looks better on the deck than our shirts.  And lastly I stained the decking and then worked my way down the stairs.

Materials needed:

finished deck in Andover, MA in 5 hours

deck sanding materials

  • Home Armor Deck wash found at most paint stores or Big Box stores
  • scrub brush
  • electric sander.  I used a Ryobi random orbital sander and about 8 sanding pads.
  • Benjamin Moore Arborcoat latex stain
  • stain brush, roller and nap of choice

Total cost of materials: $83.00 (not including sander and scrub brush)

A couple tips:

  • Place a drop cloth under the deck to catch drips.
  • buy a good roller nap so those little fuzzies will not come off while staining.
  • try not to stain in direct sunlight as the stain dries to quickly.
  • Check the weather.  I was just finishing my staining project and felt a couple rain drops from above, thankfully it ended quickly and did not effect the deck finish.

p.s. The bird is now resting comfortably in a proper place, let us say he is still sleeping.

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